On Friday, we welcomed our first white turkeys onto the farm, at just 4 weeks old.

At this age, it is very important that they do not feel stressed, so we have spent the last few weeks carefully preparing our yards to make them feel at home as soon as they arrive.

We are proud to rear our turkeys to high welfare standards, and this includes providing plenty of space to allow the turkeys to roam around and lots of fresh wheat straw as bedding for them to rook around in. We also provide the turkeys with enrichment materials for them to peck at and keep them entertained!!

In addition, the turkeys also have ad lib water and food, therefore they can feed whenever they would like. We buy the finest Turkey Rearer pellets from Heygates Ltd, who have been millers for over 1000 years, and were even mentioned in the Domesday Book! They have been consistent in the quality of their animal feed production since then, so we are confident in their production of a quality pellet.

Over the next few weeks, we will be welcoming all of our turkeys on to the farm, both bronzed and white!

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