We are very sad that we are not able to open the farm this Spring for our lambing open days due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We love showing the public our farm each year, and answering all of your questions about what we do! However, it is important that we all follow the government guidelines, and we have felt very lucky that we are able to socially distance ourselves on the farm and go about our lives with relative normality.

As many of us have done, we thanked the NHS for their incredible work at this time with help from a ewe and her lambs (see below).

We thanked the NHS for their relentless work during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

We hope you have seen some of our question and answer videos, if not, check out our Facebook and Instagram for some resources for children who are home schooling at the moment. https://bit.ly/whatdosheepeat & https://bit.ly/eweandlamb

Lambing is in full swing now, and we are pleased that we have had lots of healthy and happy lambs born.

A ewe with her newborn lamb

We have lambed more sheep outside this year, due to the drier conditions. The past couple of days have been lovely and warm and we have started shearing some sheep, which is very important for their welfare going into the summer months, as it prevents the sheep getting too hot, leading to conditions such as heat stress and flystrike.

Sheep about to lamb happily grazing in the sunshine

The drier weather has also meant we have been busy with arable work, and have also been planting spring crops. We have given our winter wheat some fertiliser, which is rich in nitrogen, which gives it a growth boost after a long, cold winter! Then, we started preparing some our our fields for sowing spring crops, by moving the soil and making it softer to sow seeds.

Spreading fertiliser on some of our winter wheat

A spring crop is one which is sown in the spring, but it is still harvested at a similar time as the winter-sown crops, mid-July to August. We have planted spring wheat and spring barley, which are starting to poke through the soil already! The wheat will be used for bread-making and the barley will be sold for brewing – I think we may need several pints once this lockdown is over!

Sowing our crop of spring wheat