Supporting local independent shops

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At Watergate Farm, we believe that the only way for independent retailers to compete is by offering a product which exceeds expectations, and is of a high standard and quality.


We support local independent shops exclusively, by not supplying any multiple retailers or making our product available under any other name.



carving -the-turkeyWe pride ourselves in producing some of the tastiest and most succulent turkeys money can buy. Unlike birds produced for the mass market we select slow growing traditional breeds which take longer to reach maturity. These turkeys have the time and space to develop naturally at nature’s pace, the result being a fully mature bird at the age of around  24 weeks.

Our philosophy is based on traditional values and we continue to “game hang” our turkeys for at least 2 weeks, to enhance the natural flavour customers expect from a premium turkey. There is no need to baste our birds as they have more than enough natural fat to keep the meat succulent.



As a family farm animal welfare has always been a top priority for us. We aim to exceed all industry standards and as a family try to treat our livestock as we would like to be treated ourselves. We are passionate believers in space, natural light and fresh air for birds to express their natural characteristics. We aim to provide our turkeys with the best environment, and the contentment of the birds is our goal.

We bed our turkeys on straw which they love to dust in and peck out the best bits for roughage. Many of our turkeys have access to the outdoor life and of course they do love foraging and having the sun on their backs! We feel it is important that our turkeys have the freedom to roam, forage and enjoy the best in life.

Our turkeys are fed the best food available, locally produced for us by Heygate & Sons who have been making animal feed and flour from their mill at Northampton for centuries. As the turkeys grow older we also feed whole oats as a supplement – they are a real treat for the birds and they love the extra fibre that oats provide.


Helping you at Christmas

As a busy farm we understand that Christmas can be a very stressful time, we strive to make your life as relaxed as it can be. All orders are dealt with by family members and we have an enviable reputation for being very accurate with our weight ranges. Every order is managed as an individual standalone order and we pride ourselves in being able to be adaptable in our approach to the requests of the customer. Most of our turkeys are sold in our own branded individual boxes, but we can if requested package them to any specification.

We pride ourselves in delivering your turkeys at a time which suits you, early morning or late at night is not a problem for us! We provide sales support, in the form of posters and product information. All our turkeys come with cooking instructions and a recipe leaflet.

Corporate gifts

For many years we have supplied turkeys to businesses and organisations who feel they would like to reward their hard working staff, or to say a very special thank you to a valued customer or supplier.

Contact us if you would like to place an order or find out more.

If you feel that we can help you to extend your product range and offer to your customers a premium product at a competitive price, please contact us:

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