Farming with respect for the countryside

Watergate Farm


At Watergate Farm we pride ourselves in using modern farming methods combined with a traditional respect for the countryside and the environment around us.

We have always been a “mixed” farm raising livestock and growing crops. Our livestock enterprises centre around our large sheep flock and our turkeys reared for the Christmas market.


Our sheep flock

Most of our sheep flock consist of mule ewes, which are a cross between a Swaledale Ewe and a Blue-Faced Leicester Ram. These sheep are reared on the moors of Northern England and thrive when bought South to live on better pastures. We purchase ewe lambs from some of the traditional sales each Autumn. Springtime welcomes the Lambing Season and the Summer grass feeds and fattens the lambs ready for market.


All of our sheep graze traditional permanent pasture.  Much of it medieval “ridge and furrow” and all of it in the Higher Level Scheme operated by Natural England, meaning it is managed with low inputs, using no fertilizer or pesticides.

For over 30 years we have sold surplus breeding sheep to the Bicester and Thame Sheep Fair held annually each August, with buyers travelling from all parts of England to buy our stock.