Mid-February saw the arrival of our first lambs on the farm. With over 2000 sheep to lamb over the lambing period which, for us, goes on until Easter, we are expecting many new arrivals.

We are hoping for the pleasant weather to carry on, as many of our sheep lamb outside. However, all of our first-time mothers are brought into yards to lamb, so that we can keep an eye on them as they approach lambing. Once these sheep have lambed, we bring them into an individual pen with fresh straw, hay and water, so that they can bond with their lamb and get to know it’s smell.

A few days after this, they are put into a larger yard, where they quickly grow strength and get to play with other lambs with the safety of their mothers close by and under a sheltered roof. Shortly after, mothers and lambs are turned out to fresh pasture.

A lamb suckling from it's mother
A lamb suckling from it’s mother

Come and see lambing at our open weekends, running each weekend for 5 weekends from 23rd March, including Friday-Monday at Easter weekend.