A love of farming

The Best Care


Good food

We feed our turkeys on the best food available. It is a cereal based diet containing mainly wheat, and some vegetable protein. We do not use growth promoters. Most of our food is made by Heygate & Sons from Bugbrooke Mills, Northampton, a family owned business who have been making flour and animal feed since 1562.


Light and space

We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest welfare standards for our turkeys. Many of our birds are fully free range, having the freedom to roam and forage. We also notice that these birds seem to enjoy the freedom to express their natural characteristics.

The birds are reared in open sided sheds and have natural light and lots of fresh air. We use our own wheat straw to bed the turkeys and they enjoy scratching and dusting in this straw.

Buy British!

UK-logo-100x94We are passionate believers that British produce is the best in the world and that by buying British we are all contributing to maintaining the rich fabric of the countryside. If you buy a local turkey, not only will you have a delicious turkey for the table, but you are supporting the local economy and environment too.